2020 Board Members & Officers

Sam Geyer – President

Until about 3 years ago most of my connection with photography was as the subject of pictures taken by others.  I have always enjoyed photographs but have never explored the discipline of photography; until recently.  For a long time I accompanied my wife Christy as she went to various locations to take photographs; she has been a member of the Tricity Photography club for 7 years and the many things she has learned from the club have taught her how to be a pretty good photographer. 

When I expressed an interest in taking photos myself, she let me borrow her old Canon EOS Digital camera and as I began to take photographs I found that I enjoyed learning about macrophotography.  Two years ago I joined the Photo-club and for the past year I have served as a member of the Board.  I have learned many new things about photography through the presentations offered at the club meetings and by going on the photo walks.   It is my plan to continue with this new interest for many years to come.


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