Prints for the Future

by | Feb 26, 2018 | Blog Post

What prints do you have for the future?

I had the opportunity last year to go through a box of albums, loose prints, and 35mm slides of vacations that were handed down from my Grandmother to my mother and now to my sister and I.  It was a real treat to piece together their story and gave me a richer understanding my Grandmothers’ life. She was raised in Tekoa, a small Washington town near the Idaho border between Spokane and Cheney. She rode a horse named Bessy to school through muddy streets at a time when the farmer’s barbwire fence line carried the telephone signals, but only when the town phone operator was on duty.

Then fast forward to this week as I looked at my daughter’s Facebook page full of family images.  The phrase ”We’re entering into a digital dark age” came to mind as there will likely be an extremely sparse physical record for my Grandkids and their kids to physically hold like I did.

My challenge for the Photo Club members is to prevent your images from remaining in the digital dark age.  Start printing those that tell the story of who you and your family are so future generations can be enriched like I was in looking through my Grandmothers treasured images.

I for one will begin selecting photos to print as a summer project.

Rick Zimmerman

Board Member

Prints for the Future

This is  my Grandmother taken in 1915 at age 14. She was the most peace-loving person I ever knew and seeing her with what looks like a Winchester Model 1890 slide-action repeating rifle really made my sister and I laugh.

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