Erwin Buske Photography Presentation March 8th, 2018

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Erwin Buske Photography Presentation March 8th, 2018

Erwin Buske Photography presentation will start with a discussion of “Sources of Inspiration and Finding Your Photographic Vision”. This will be followed by a talk and slide show on “Multi Day Backpacking and Landscape Photography”. Many of us start our photographic journey with the desire to share images of our inspirational moments when surrounded by the beauty of nature. Our initial attempts to produce images, however, often fall short of our intentions and this helps motivate us to learn more about our cameras and photographic technique including composition.

At some point, however, we realize that in our quest to get better that we have lost some of the inspirational energy that brought us to photography in the first place and start looking for new sources of inspiration. These sources can include (1) visiting iconic sites, (2) viewing published images, (3) getting to know other photographers, (4) going off the beaten path, (5) developing alternative perspectives, (6) going to new places, (7) finding beauty in familiar and ordinary places, and (8) tapping into internal sources of inspiration. We will discuss each of these as we walk through a visual landscape of images that will help shed some light on each of these sources of inspiration. Finally, we will discuss our progression as artists as we integrate both internal and external sources of inspiration.

Taking a multi day backpacking trip can be a powerful source of new inspiration. Backpacking with photography gear, however is challenging, and involves some careful preparation and planning. As we visit through images two of the best multi day backpacking trips in Washington, the Enchantments and the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area, we will go over considerations in making a multi day backpacking trip both a comfortable and rewarding experience for the landscape photographer. We will discuss choice of camera gear; importance of going ultralight; getting in shape; daily schedules; bringing together at team; and photographic opportunities, technique, light and composition.


Erwin Buske started his photographic journey at an early age with the simple goal of sharing the landscapes I he witnessed on his many backpacking and hiking trips. He evolved as a photographer over the years and is now making use of social media as a tool. Buske adheres to a goal shared by the Sierra Club — to leave no trace, respecting the landscape he photographs and keeping it pristine for future generations. Photographing nature has brought great joy to Erwin’s life and has helped him immensely on his journey of self-discovery. His worked has been recognized by the Smithsonian, National Geographic, Outdoor Photography and Landscape Photography Magazines. Erwin is the primary curator for the Facebook Page Destination Washington. He lives with his family in Fairwood, Wash., where, he says, “the foothills of the cascades are literally right out our front door.”


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