February TCPC Meeting – Wildlife Photography

by | Jan 17, 2018

Award winning wildlife artist and photographer Bart Rulon will go behind the scenes to show how a professional wildlife photographer works in this colorful slide show. Bart will talk about equipment, locations, field techniques, camera techniques, camera settings, and he will share a multitude of photographs, and a few stories from his wildlife expeditions around the world and locally.

Bart’s travels have taken him on long trips to Africa, India, South America, Costa Rica and Alaska to photograph wildlife, and he spends between 50 and 90 days per year out on the water photographing whales and other wildlife in the Salish Sea. The slide show will focus mostly on wildlife of western Washington but will include other locations as well.

A few of the many topics covered will include cameras, lenses, teleconverters, aperture, iso, white balance, raw photography, tripods, monopods, bean bags, boat photography, kayak photography, photography from a blind, techniques for approaching wildlife, locations for wildlife photography and more.

Bart will also talk about some of the wildlife photography tours he leads locally for subjects like whales, bears, eagles, puffins, foxes, waterfowl, shorebirds, and a variety of other wildlife. If you are a fan of wildlife or a photographer of any skill level, from novice to serious amateur, you will enjoy this slide show! Bart will bring a selection of his photos, books, and prints that will be available for purchase. You can learn more about his art, photography, and books at www.bartrulon.com.

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