Tri-Cities Digital Photography Club
is a 501C3 nonprofit organization.


Vision Statement:
The Tri-Cities Digital Photography Club’s vision is to promote the creative process.

Mission Statement:
The Tri-Cities Digital Photography Club’s mission is to inspire and empower creativity of all levels.

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Our History

September 2007 to Present

Jack and Lee Ferrall were wanting to join a photography club and found out about the old Tricity Photography club from Judi Hastings who was a member at the time. Judi invited them to a meeting which they attended.  They found out the club was for people using film.  Jack and Lee were very interested in digital photography being as it was starting to get popular.  (In the 4th quarter of 2006, Kodak’s digital sales overtook their film by 4%)

So Jack and Lee started the  Tri-City Digital Photograph Club” in September of 2006.  They put an ad in the Giant Nickle and the first meeting filled the larger meeting room of the Union Street Library.  After two monthly meeting they decided to move to a larger facility so they moved to the current Benton County PUD Building.  I remember that when I helped set up tables he made a big deal of our setting up more chairs than was ever expected.  He said your facilities will never fill more than 80% of our space.  If you crowd more than that in some folks won’t come back which seemed to hold true.

At the meetings both Lee and Jack had a mic’s and the way they went back and forth really kept the members entertained. Their goal was to stay upbeat and have fun while we were learning about photography.  They wanted the meetings to have something for the beginners as well as the experienced photographers.

The end of September in 2008 Jack, Lee and Jeff Friberg went to a two day Photography Conference in Portland.  On the second day Lee and Jeff slept in and Jack got up early to go to the first workshop.  Jack had a heart attack and suddenly died in the parking garage.

I will never forget Jack and Lee’s presentation using the Star War theme for RAW versus JPEG.  The music and costumes made learning fun!  We had great teachers and motivators to push us to learn new ways to shoot and be creative.

We didn’t have any meetings until after the first of the year.  Several of the active board members got together and formed a 13 person board.

After we lost Jack, the club floundered for a little bit.  The Board Members got together several times and just were not sure how to go about filling the shoes of our upbeat, fun, good teaching, leader.  His son also was dealing with the sudden loss of his father and friend, so we had to be sympathetic to that as well.

We did think however, that Jack would want the club to go on in some manner.  He put so much time and love into it to make it what it was.  The board was formed and we were given assignments.  The harder of which seemed to be who would take the mic and give the presentations!  But we had some awesome people who gave it their best and brought the club back to life once more.

After approximately five years, the club wanted to be able to vote new board members and the current board members were getting burned out.  So the new voting system came into being and some board members were replaced who wished to be.  New board members were voted in, and this is how it is currently done to date.

To date we have many fine people who still share their love of photography by serving on the board.  It is not an easy task to find speakers and to manage the club funds and everything that it takes to keep a non-profit club running.  But the dedication, fueled by their love of the hobby, keeps everyone going, and makes it a fun experience to have.  When people share their knowledge, and come together its always an adventure.